SanremoJunior is an international children’s song competition with live orchestra accompaniment for soloist singers aged 6-15 years (pop, rock, jazz, folk, classical) and one of the most prestigious international competitions for young singers who will perform a song of their choice (either published or unpublished) with the accompaniment of a 37-member live orchestra to compete with singers from other countries. The grand finale is held every year in the famous Ariston Theatre in the city of Sanremo, Italy




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About the Organization

SanremoJunior Australia is brought to you by Empress Games, The italian Institute of Culture in Sydney and CO.AS.IT as an opportunity for young talented Australians to live their dreams and pursue their hopes on the international stage. SanremoJunior is a stepping stone into Europe's spotlight, Eurovision and be in front of the most coveted record labels with many past winners and partecipants now enjoying a career in music


Empress Games is a consulting firm officially appointed by Kismet for Oceania and South East Asia with experience in events and technology.


The Italian Cultural Institute is the official Italian government body for the promotion of the Italian Culture across the world.


Co.As.It. was established in 1968 to promote the Italian language and culture in NSW and to assist the growing number of migrants arriving from Italy.


Kismet hold the sanremoJunior rights and organizes the the world finals of the competition. Is a company known all over the world through GEF – the World Creativity Festival in Schools. In 2019, Kismet organized the 10th edition of this international solo singer competition, emphasizing the dissemination of music and singing among young individuals and trying to give them an opportunity to perform for music experts in an international and multi-ethnic environment. Kismet also holds the SanremoSenior and Sanremo con gusto competition rights

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