General Eligibility Requirements - Australia

Art 1
Kismet, already well known all over the world through GEF – the World Festival of Creativity in Schools – is now organizing the eleventh singing contest for soloist singers from 6 to 15 years old, “sanremoJunior”, to spread and give importance to music and singing among young persons, putting them in touch with professionals of the sector in an international and multi ethnic environment.
“sanremoJunior” is also a window for visibility in the media, both nationally and internationally.


Art 2
Only participants between the ages of 6 and 15 from Australia are allowed to take part in the contest of “sanremoJunior”.
Participants intending to apply in the different sections for the 2020 edition must have reached the required age between 1st of January and 31st of December 2020.
The contest has one category (A) subdivided in 3 sections (A1, A2, A3).



• Pop music, rock, jazz, folk and rap
A1. From 6 to 9 years old (born between 1 Jan. 2014 and 31 Dec. 2011)
A2. From 10 to 12 years old (born between 1 Jan. 2010 and 31 Dec. 2008)
A3. From 13 to 15 years old (born between 1 Jan. 2007 and 31 Dec. 2005)
Each song may be presented in Italian, and/or any other language. If the language used is neither Italian nor English, an English translation of the text must be provided.
Both published and unpublished songs will be welcomed in the contest.
Contestants have to present only one musical piece lasting no longer than 3:30 minutes and it must remain the same one through all further stages of the competition.
Participants will always sing live, on backing track, with no other vocal aids (choir, other voices) with immediate exclusion from the competition without any type of reimbursement.


Art 3
Australian Selections
The participation to sanremoJunior is only available to citizen and permanent residents of Australia
• Participants must be Australian citizen and offer proof of age and citizenship (passport, birth certificate or other valid identification) upon request.
• Participants will go through an online selection process that require the contestants to provide a video, song or link to their performance via a web form, download link or upload to the Australian organizer to be judged by a panel of experts from the sanremoJunior organization in Italy. The music piece must be same that will be used if they go to the World Finals.


Art 4
The participants admitted to the World Finals will perform live with an Orchestra at Teatro Ariston in Sanremo.
From the national finals event will be selected only one absolute winners among the 3 sections that will perform with the representative of the other nations.
The winner of sanremoJunior Australia will be expected to stay in Sanremo, Italy for a week in November 2020 from the 8 to the 15th.
Only one absolute winner for each nation will participate to the World Finals in Italy.
The sanremoJunior Committee can, without any explanation due, decide to admit more than one finalist to the World Finals. The World Final schedule could be changed at any moment due to technical/organization reasons.


Art 5
• Selection
The Selection is free of charge.
The overall winner of the Australia Selection (which will be communicated directly to the interested party by the Australian organizer and published on the website), will need to communicate the acceptance and availability to go the World Finals in Italy on the date provided. If the winner will not accept to go to the World Finals in Italy, the position will be offered according the position of the other contestants (2nd place then 3rd place and so on)
World Finals
The entry fee for every participant admitted to the World Finals in November 2020 from the 8 to the 15th at Teatro Ariston Sanremo Italy (live with Orchestra) is:
€ 120 net – for the for the participant representing Australia
The fee includes:
1. Welcome-service.
2. Teatro Ariston usage with audio and lighting equipment.
3. Rehearsals with the Orchestra.
4. Accompaniment by the Orchestra during the performance in the World Finals.
5. SIAE – copyright fees for the piece in competition.
6. Gadgets.
A part of the entry fees will be donated to UNICEF

Other Expenses (unless covered by sponsors)
€350 For Orchestra Rehearsals
€574 per person for accommodation (€1148 for 2 persons)
€350 return airport transfer from and to Nice
Flights to Nice, France (the closest airport to Sanremo) from Australia (price might vary)

The Italian Institute of Culture in Sydney has kindly granted a sponsorship of AUD 1800 towards flights/expenses. The organizers will arrange with the winner in due time. The Australian Organization and the sponsor are working to cover at more of those expenses to make the competition more accessible to everyone and it will be communicated as they are confirmed.


Art 6
All the participants to the World Final will receive:
• “sanremoJunior ” pass
• Badge and badgeholder
• “sanremoJunior ” Cap


Art 7
Both published and unpublished pieces will be welcomed in the contest.
All the participants are obliged to present for selection one piece that will be the same as the one in the World Finals.
Each piece will last maximum 3:30 minutes and will be submitted in the national selection phase as a link to YouTube, Vimeo or any other media. It can also be sent as a downloadable file in an accessible/popular video/audio format (MP3, MPEG, AVI etc.)
It needs to be specified if the piece is original, edited, unedited or other


Art 8
During the World Final in Italy:
No choreographies or special lighting will be included, except for those which might be chosen by the organizers (their decision will be final) but that will have no bearing on the overall Panel decisions. Also choirs cannot be included.


Art 9
During the Australian Online Selection (selection made by a sanremoJunior panel of judges in Italy) and the World Finals in Sanremo a panel of expert judges by the Committee of “sanremoJunior” will select the prize winner.
The valuation will be based not only on the usual technical and artistic criteria, (performing technique, expression, musicality and interpretation), but also on potential emerging both from the pieces performed and their performances.
The Panel’s decisions are final.


Art 10
Every contestant participating in the World Finals in Sanremo Italy, have to provide the orchestra with their song (arrangement) in full score. The organizing committee will ask for it later on.
Each Finalist must provide all equipment needed to perform with, of the musical piece selected by the Panel, the sheet music for the orchestra conductor (full score) as well as for the orchestra (score).
Rehearsals with Orchestra will take place just before the Contest of the World Finals in Sanremo, dates and time will be communicated at a later stage.


Art 11
As sanremoJunior is the only competition for soloists aged 6 to 15 years under the Official Patronage of Sanremo City the Committee of sanremoJunior can ask every participant to perform (not in competition) on a stage or stages around in Sanremo, or during the year on different dates and places.
Technical specifications at a later stage.


Art 12
The Organization will provide professional audio and lighting equipment (technical specifications will be communicated at a later stage).


Art 13
Registration - Australia
1) Only 1 song of maximum 3:30 minutes to be provided in the selection phase via media link (youtube, vimeo or other) or sent as a downloadable file in an accessible/popular video/audio format (MP3, MPEG, AVI etc.) provided by filling the form on sanremoJunior Australia website or sent directly to the organizer via email or contacting directly the organizer.
2) The text for the song can be in Italian and or in any foreign language or any dialect. In the case that the language is not Italian or English, it is mandatory to present a text with translation into English or Italian.

The winner of the Australian selection will be asked to provide:
1) Entry form filled in and signed by parents or tutor (this form will be sent to the live finalists only).
2) Copy of the participant’s identity-card.
3) 3 passport sized photos.
4) Copy of the parents or the tutor’s identification documents (passports, valid driver license etc)
5) Curriculum in Italian or English, max. 10 lines about the artist.
6) Forms about the privacy rules (UE n.679/2016)(GDPR), filled in and signed (this form will be sent to the live finalists only).
7) TV Talent Release Form – permission to broadcast filming of participants, filled in and signed (this form will be sent to the live finalists only).


Art 14
The Organization is not responsible for possible postal mistakes or delays in any stage of the contest should the contestant use decide to use postal services


Art 15a
Australian National Selections:
The selection will be online only for 2020.
The participant must sign up online via the website or contacting us directly via email or phone.
Participants must provide a video link or a video, or upload a video using a popular video format of their musical piece.
The song must be the same as the song that will go to the World Final in case they win the Australian selection The winner of the National Finals Australia is expected to be in Italy for 7 nights.
He/she will have to confirm the participation as per Art 15b.


Art 15b
World Finals Registration:
The organizer will take care to inform the Australian Winner and prepare the necessary requirements to participate to the World Final in Italy:
A confirmation letter will be sent out 40 days before the event to every participant admitted to the World Finals.
The participants admitted to the competition Finals should send confirmation of their participation in writing (by e-mail) within 30 working days before the competition dates including all what is asked for in sanremoJunior confirmation letter (hotel booking forms to be filled in, payment of admission fee, etc.)
Any participant not providing the items requested will be excluded.

Entry fee, and admission fee (see paragraph 5.) for the selection and the World Finals must be paid to:
Banca CARIGE – Mombello – Sanremo Fil 301
Beneficiary: Kismet srl
Causal: the name of the participant – sanremoJunior
IBAN: IT76V0617522700000000810220 – swift BIC: CRGEITGG301
No other sort of payment is possible. The organizer will help with the arrangement of the payments for the winner and the sponsorships grant/s


Art 16
The participants must be punctual on the day, at the place and time established and communicated previously by the organization or they will be excluded from the competition with no reimbursement.


Art 17
The texts in competition must not contain expressions which could be found offensive to common decency, and/or the State, Institutions, the Church, or any Religion.


Art 18
During the performance, attitudes, clothes, movement or behavior which could offend common decency, are not allowed. Moreover, it is compulsory for the participants to behave correctly according to the rules of public spirit during all stages of the contest and they must respect people and public property.
In the case of any incorrect behavior, the participant will be immediately disqualified.


Art 19
All entrants taking part in the World Finals in Sanremo will undertake to pay for its own board and lodgings and flights unless covered by sponsors which will be communicated to the winner/participants as we secure the sponsorships.
For reasons of organization and event management, Finalists and accompanying adults, or anyone spending nights in Sanremo while taking part in sanremoJunior, will need to book through the organization of sanremoJunior choosing accommodation from the price list (on our site in order to gain accreditation and be able to take part in the competition Finals.
Each participant admitted to the Finals will receive a hotel booking-form from the booking organization outlining modes of payment.
Early bookings to the Finals are highly recommended.
See the ‘Accommodation section for further information’
The Australian organizer will facilitate and help with the entire process for the winner and the guardian


Art 20
Prize list – Australian Selection
• “Grand Prix” “sanremoJunior Australia” to the absolute winner
• Trophy “sanremoJunior Australia” to the 1st and 2nd and 3rd classified of each section.

Prize list – Sanremo, World Finals
• “Grand Prix” “sanremoJunior ” to the absolute winner
• “sanremoJunior Committee’s Award” to the finalist chosen by the Committee of sanremoJunior
• Trophy “sanremoJunior ” to the 1st and 2nd and 3rd classified of each section.
• Diploma Grand Finals “sanremoJunior ” for every other participant.
The jury will reserve the rights to award further prizes on top of the one listed above
The organization could offer sponsor’s gadgets to the finalist


Art 21
Should a dispute arise the exclusive place of jurisdiction will be the Courts of Law in Sanremo – Imperia (Italy). This regulation is entirely regulated by the Italian law.


Art 22
Anyone taking part in the event is expected to have read and understood the conditions set by these regulations and to accept them unconditionally.
Participation to the event also implies that each participant explicitly agrees to process all personal data provided, according to UE n.6798/2016 (GDPR).


Art 23
The organization Committee, the Australian organizer, the promotional company and the technical organization company are not responsible for any accidents that can occur during the competition or during the traveling to and from the World Finals in Italy.


Accomodation in Italy
Unless otherwise specified or covered by a sponsor, the winner and the guardian will need to pay for their own accommodation in Italy
For reasons of organization and event management, participants and accompanying adults, or anyone spending nights in Sanremo while taking part in the International finals of sanremoJunior, will need to book through the Agency choosing accommodation from the enclosed price list and packages in order to gain accreditation and be able to take part in the competition.
Accreditation in “sanremoJunior ” only valid for booked days and nights.
The Australian organizer will help and facilitate the process of booking the accommodation

Package 7 nights –the price includes:
• 7 nights in half board – bed, breakfast and dinner (drinks and extras not included) in a 3 stars hotel; double bedrooms or multiple as requested and on availability.
• All various services included in the competition as in the regulations.
• Free entry in every event organized during “sanremoJunior ”

Accommodation 7 nights half board Overall costs per person per seven nights (bed – breakfast – dinner)
• Hotel 3 stars in Sanremo HB € 574,00 (€ 82 per night) – 7 nights per person
Single room Supplement € 25,00 per night per person, depending on availability
Hotel 4 stars HB on request
Hotel 4 stars sup. and 5 stars on request
Extra meal. (not included in the half board) starting at euro 20,00
Extra meals must be ordered and settle up on the same time as the order of the hotel.


Forms and Waivers

Sponsors and Patronage